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RAS is an environmentally friendly technology employed for the sake of optimising water consumption via reusing the same water mass over and over in contrast to the traditional systems that use pass through fresh water hence consume orders of magnitude more water in their service life. In order to attain the optimum health and growth rate of the fish the recirculating water has to be thoroughly filtered at the output. The filtered residue can reserved for recycling for various purposes. With the addition of very little water output the whole system's environmental footprint is tiny in comparison to traditional facilities.


OCTOAQUA works for providing turnkey solutions in different operational modes ranging from consultancy, design, supervision to setting up and/or building parts or whole facilities with its staff and inventory of


When the project is a RAS we prefer to design and employ a non-restricted approach on equipment and technology. This approach allows us to better match the requirements of every project since there is a uniqueness due to the site and resources for each individual facility. An analysis is conducted to evaluate and define the characteristics of the project and make decisions on the combination of appropriate techniques, design, hardware and implementation strategies. Which in return results in better efficiency and improved performance with tighter tolerances.

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  • Reduced water consumption

  • Better control of water quality

  • Bio-safe production

  • Collected sludge and waste

  • Predictable production

  • Faster harvest than offshore systems
    and less disease and/or parasite issues

  • Logistics advantages and possible closeness to the market

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