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SCALEAQ automated feeding systems are implemented and still serving at more than 900 facilities all over the world.

Whatever feeding strategy is preferred the systems we provide are very robust and reliable while giving the user full control. These systems are designed to transfer the feed intact from the silo to the fish.

All components of the system are high quality industrial grade parts. Carefully picked and matched for ease of use, longevity, and low maintenance. The systems have integrated sensors, cameras and remote access control.

OCTOAQUA is the regional exclusive distributor of SCALEAQ automated feeding systems.


We are aware that crumbling or breaking of the pellet should be prevented.

Fixed dimension sections are employed throughout the systems. We use seamless coupling even at the distribution nodes. The piping angles are optimized to prevent collisions that could damage the pellets in transport of the feed to the fish.


We customize our solutions to be tailor made to your needs. The systems we provide transport pellets intact upto 900 meters. We also provide the option of simultaneous transport of a mix of different sized pellets from separate silos.

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